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What are the advantages of a Copperwood log cabin over other log cabins?

Do I need planning permission for a log cabin?

What kind of foundation do we recommend?

Do I have to do anything to take delivery of a building?

What kind of timber is used in Copperwood log cabins?

What kind of roofing materials do Copperwood recommend?

Can Copperwood design a cabin to the customers specification?

Are doors and windows supplied with glazing?

How should I maintain my log cabin?

Can I have electricity in my log cabin?

Do we install electrics and plumbing?

How far away can we deliver and assemble?

What is the cost of delivery and assembly?

What is the delivery time?

How long will it take to erect a log cabin?

Is wood treatment included?

Do you have a show home or office that I can visit?

Could I erect the building myself?

What are your payment terms?

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